Show Me The Money: How to Raise the Cash to Get Your Business Off the Ground

Show Me The Money: How to Raise the Cash to Get Your Business Off the Ground

By: Alan Barrell, David Gill, Martin Rigby

ISBN: 9781783962396
eBook ISBN: 9781908739117
Cover: Paperback
Published: October 30, 2015
Size: 216x135mm
Page Count: 352 pages


In difficult markets and uncertain times, entrepreneurial ideas thrive.

Usually highly ingenious at identifying new opportunities, entrepreneurs are extremely adept at sowing successful seeds in the otherwise rockiest of grounds. But ideas can only get you so far and many entrepreneurs fail when they come to the major hurdle: how to find the money necessary to get their business off the ground.

Show Me The Money is an absolutely invaluable guide to uncovering the capital required to start or grow a business. Aimed at individual and small enterprise entrepreneurs looking to raise up to £1 million, it explains how to evaluate your business, determining what stage you are at, when you will need investment, and how much. It then explains what the sources of finance, from banks to government initiatives to angel investor networks. Matching your business to the most appropriate source of capital, Show Me The Money provides an expert walkthrough of how to secure investment, from the elevator pitch to the terms of the deal.

Written by Alan Barrell, a seasoned and highly successful entrepreneur from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, and David Gill, MD of St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge, and featuring contributions from both leading entrepreneurs and investors, Show Me The Money brings together the brightest ideas with the best investors.

  • Professor Alan Barrell and his colleagues have written a remarkable book. It offers important information based on academic research in an interesting and entertaining way. The book tackles the problems entrepreneurs face in fundraising in a fresh and encouraging manner. The writers have chosen to approach the serious contents using a framework that offers a lot of practical examples and clever quotations supporting the message. The book is full of heavy facts and includes a lot of theoretical knowledge. As such it offers a great tool for all learners. It gives a thorough idea of mathematical valuations and financial ratios that can be vital tools for an entrepreneur in distress. The book also acts as an encouraging and gentle guide to entrepreneurship by giving examples of interesting cases to show that ‘it can be done’. Despite heavy informative contents the book is easy and enjoyable to read.

    - Juhani Nieminen, Adjunct Professor, Lahti University of Applied Sciences