Repotting Your Life: Reframe Your Thinking. Reset Your Purpose. Rejuvenate Yourself Time and Again.

Repotting Your Life: Reframe Your Thinking. Reset Your Purpose. Rejuvenate Yourself Time and Again.

By: Frances Edmonds

ISBN: 9781783966165
eBook ISBN: 9781783965892
Cover: Paperback
Published: December 2, 2021
Size: 198x129mm
Page Count: 240



Are you ready for something new? If so, you’re ready to repot your life.

‘Anyone who wants change in their life should buy the book. It’s really practical: a step-by-step plan.’ Mark Dolan, TalkRadio Self-Development Book of the Week


‘Let Frances Edmonds help you pull up those roots and grow some new shoots.’ SAM BAKER, Noon

In Repotting Your Life, expert ‘repotter’ Frances Edmonds has created a toolkit with four simple, actionable steps.

Whether you’re considering a career change or moving to a new place; rediscovering your passions or contemplating any transformation, large or small, this is your essential guide to rejuvenating your life.

Step 1 – Know when you need to make a change

Step 2 – Identify what makes you happy and what matters to you most

Step 3 – Prepare to end one phase of your life and commit to your repotted future

Step 4 – Put down new roots and reenergise yourself for your next adventure

With verve, wit and wisdom, Repotting Your Life will encourage you to set aside what is no longer working and design a thriving life full of purpose and fresh possibility.


‘Really resonates. Keep growing, keep flourishing.’ GABBY LOGAN

‘The ultimate handbook for anyone wanting to be challenged, fulfilled and stay young in mind and body.’ Angela Rippon

  • ‘Without an ounce of egocentrism, Frances Edmonds draws on personal experience to help readers reframe (and ultimately repot) their lives. Her gifted writing, wit and deep insights about life will make you smile as you make plans for your future.’

    - Professor Laura L. Carstensen, Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity and author of A Long, Bright Future
  • ‘Rich in fresh ideas, wildly entertaining, and inspirational, Repotting Your Life is impossible to put down. It’s not every day you read something that is so timely and urgent that also makes you laugh out loud.’ 

    - Leslie Blodgett, entrepreneur, beauty pioneer and author of Pretty Good Advice: For People Who Dream Big and Work Harder

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