Environomics: How the Green Economy is Transforming Your World

Environomics: How the Green Economy is Transforming Your World

By: Dharshini David

ISBN: 9781783966769
eBook ISBN: 9781783966301
Cover: Paperback
Published: June 20, 2024
Size: 235x156mm
Page Count: 288


Why might an orangutan care which toothpaste you choose? What does your mobile phone have to do with wind turbines? And can your morning coffee really power a bus?

Economics affects every aspect of our lives, from the clothes on our backs to the bread on our tables and the fuel in our cars. And there are huge changes afoot as the global green revolution sweeps across the globe.

In this vibrant and eye-opening book, economist and broadcaster Dharshini David follows the course of an average day – from the moment we flick on the light in the morning – to reveal the green changes that are already taking place in every aspect of our world. Exploring industries such as energy, food, fashion, technology, manufacturing and finance, she asks what is happening, how quickly, who is driving it all – and what it means for us. Ranging from crucial issues such as sustainability and corporate greenwashing, to global flashpoints such as industrialisation and trade wars, she shows how even the smallest details in our day are part of a much bigger story about where our world is heading.

If you’ve ever wondered what green issues really mean for your day-to-day life, this book is for you.

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