The Golden Age of the Garden: A miscellany

The Golden Age of the Garden: A miscellany

By: Claire Cock-Starkey

ISBN: 9781783963201
eBook ISBN: 9781783963218
Cover: Hardback
Published: May 4, 2017
Size: 198x129mm
Page Count: 272 pages


The relationship between England and its gardens might be described as a love affair; gardening is one of our national passions, rooted in history.

The eighteenth century is often called the Golden Age of English gardening. As the fashion for formal pleasure grounds for the wealthy faded, pioneers including William Kent and Capability Brown created masterpieces of landscape design, ushering in a new era of picturesque vistas inspired by nature. From these creations spring our very idea of Englishness – rolling hills, beautiful curves, aesthetic surprises and architectural delights.

Charting the transformation in our love of the garden through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, The Golden Age of the Garden brings the voices of the past alive in newspaper reports, letters, diaries, books, essays and travelogues, offering contemporary gardening advice, principles of design, reflections on nature, landscape and plants, and a unique perspective on the origins of our fascination with gardens.

Exploring the different styles, techniques and innovations of the past, and the creation of many of the stunning gardens we still visit today, this is a beautiful, evocative and rewarding collection for all gardeners seeking insight, new ideas, surprises and inspiration.

  • A pot-pourri – and a delicious one at that. This charming small volume is a treasure trove of wonderful short extracts . . . meant to be dipped into and savoured like an anthology of poetry

    - Wall Street Journal
  • I found this to be a really insightful look at so much to do with the world of horticulture … the basics are still as timely now as they were back then! A real treat of a read for all those with green fingers!

    - Karen Mace,