Island: How Islands Transform Our World

Island: How Islands Transform Our World

By: J. Edward-Chamberlin

ISBN: 9781909653382
eBook ISBN: 9781909653399
Cover: Hardback
Published: August 1, 2013
Size: 216x135mm
Page Count: 224 pages


Ever since the dawn of human history, islands have been at the heart of our desires – and our fears. Drawing on anthropology, literature, biology, art, philosophy and earth science, Island tells the groundbreaking story of humans and islands throughout history, and celebrates islands as a central part of the world we live in.

With a unique cross-disciplinary approach, encompassing everything from the wonder of an island’s flora and fauna, to the geological roots of island formations, via references to popular culture, poetry and literature (including Prospero, Gulliver, Robinson Crusoe and the Count of Monte Cristo), Chamberlin tells the vivid and absorbing story of how islands have shaped human history, society and culture.

Island celebrates islands for all their worth, whether real or invented, literal or fictitious, as a central part of the human narrative.

  • a beautifully-produced little volume

    - Arminta Wallace, Irish Times
  • [a] “well crafted study

    - Philip Marchand, National Post of Toronto
  • Chamberlin’s book is like a rich archipelago of ideas populating an ocean of imagination.

    - Natural History Magazine