Fifty Words for Snow

Fifty Words for Snow

By: Nancy Campbell

ISBN: 9781783964987
eBook ISBN: 9781783964994
Cover: Hardback
Published: November 5, 2020
Size: 203x140mm
Page Count: 224p


‘Absolutely exquisite. This little book is a work of art. It is impossible to imagine the reader who will not love it.’
 – Horatio Clare, author of The Light in the Dark: A Winter Journal
Snow. Every language has its own words for the feather-like flakes that come from the sky. In Japanese we find Yuki-onna – a ‘snow woman’ who drifts through the frosted land. In Icelandic falls Hundslappadrifa – ‘big as a dog’s paw’. And in Maori we meet Huka-rere – ‘one of the children of rain and wind’.

From mountain tops and frozen seas to city parks and desert hills, writer and Arctic traveller Nancy Campbell digs deep into the meanings of fifty words for snow. Under her gaze, each of these linguistic snow crystals offers a whole world of myth and story.
‘Sparkles and dazzles with new meanings and old magic. You’ll never see snow in the same way again.’ – Matt Gaw, author of Under the Stars: A Journey Into Light

  • ‘A miraculous snow bank of niveous names and knowledge as delicate and multifaceted as the flakes it celebrates. A glittering cloud of Inupiaq, Icelandic, compound Maori, Finnish, Scots, Thai, Hebrew, American Sign Language.’

    - Dan Richards, author of Outpost: A Wild Journey to the Ends of the Earth
  • ‘Pithy, clear-eyed… like so many magical portals, offering fleeting but fascinating glimpses into unfamiliar worlds.’

    - Scotsman