50 Wild Things to Do: At Home and Nearby

50 Wild Things to Do: At Home and Nearby

By: The Wildlife Trusts

eBook ISBN: 9781783965342
Published: June 4, 2020
Page Count: 69 pages


When did you last give a tree a hug? Watch a spider spin its web? Spot a bird of prey? Identify a moth or two?

With 50 exciting activities and loads of ideas for outdoor fun at home and nearby, this family-friendly guide will help you identify, protect and preserve the wildlife on your doorstep.

From racing snails and making a mini nature reserve to cloudspotting and stargazing, just one wild thing each day will keep nature explorers of all ages entertained and engaged.

50 Wild Things to Do at Home and Nearby is the perfect companion to every season, giving you all you need to start reconnecting with nature.

Published in association with the Wildlife Trusts