The Cabinet of Calm: Soothing Words for Troubled Times

The Cabinet of Calm: Soothing Words for Troubled Times

By: Paul Anthony Jones

ISBN: 9781783964703
eBook ISBN: 9781783964710
Cover: Hardback
Published: May 14, 2020
Size: 198x129mm
Page Count: 224 pages


‘Fantastic … Exactly the book that everybody needs… a companion to The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse.’ Simon Mayo

Sometimes we all need a little reminder that it’s going to be okay… Open The Cabinet of Calm to discover a comforting word that’s equal to your troubles.

The Cabinet of Calm has been designed to be picked up whenever you need a moment of serenity. Just select the emotion listed that reflects whatever you’re feeling and you’ll be offered a matching linguistic remedy: fifty-one soothing words for troubled times.

These kind words – alongside their definitions and their stories – will bring peace, comfort and delight, and provide fresh hope.

Written with a lightness of touch, The Cabinet of Calm shows us that we’re not alone. Like language, our emotions are universal: someone else has felt like this before and so there’s a word to help, whatever the challenge.

So much more than a book of words, The Cabinet of Calm will soothe your soul and ease your mind. It’s the perfect gift.

From inside The Cabinet Of Calm

‘RESPAIR’: a word for a renewed or reinvigorated hope, or a recovery from anguish or hopelessness.

‘WORLDCRAFT’: a collective term for the unique skills, wisdom and experience that an older person has amassed in their lifetime.

‘MELIORISM’: the belief that all things, no matter how bad, can always be improved – given enough determination from people willing to improve them.

‘SYMMACHY’: the act of joining or working together to produce a stronger force than could ever be managed individually – especially in order to overcome something that affects us all.

  • ‘Paul Anthony Jones’ aim with this magical little book is quite clear: he seeks to cheer us up and calm us down with words… to offer reassurance, inspiration and hope in the face of all the ghastly feelings that enshroud us day after day. He believes language can do this. I believe he’s right.’

    - Marcus Berkman, Daily Mail