Beauty Dies

Beauty Dies
, Melodie Johnson Howe
eBook ISBN: 9781783961306
Published: October 10, 2014
Page Count: 231 pages


Praise for Melodie Johnson Howe’s City of Mirrors:

“City of Mirrors is deftly written and smart. On top of that, it is entertaining as hell.”–Michael Connelly

“A fine crime novel with an engagingly cynical edge”–Simon Brett

New York can be a deadly place. In this gripping murder mystery, the enigmatic private eye Claire Conrad and her independent assistant Maggie Hill are in New York and about to fly to Los Angeles when a young woman appears at their hotel bearing an unusual message: a legendary fashion model who died recently did not commit suicide. When the messenger is stabbed to death, Claire and Maggie have no choice but to stay in New York to solve the mystery, whatever the risks…

  • Howe has created a wonderful, highly entertaining (and just a touch bizarre) pair of female sleuths.

    - Library Journal
  • One of the genre’s best short story writers and novelists… More than glamour of setting, what makes Ms. Howe’s work stand out is keenness of insight.

    - Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

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