Elliott & Thompson hires PR outfit The Book Publicists

August 11, 2022

Non-fiction PR specialist hired to launch ‘fascinating new book exploring the origins and oddities of human language’

Written by Paul Anthony JonesWhy Is This a Question? ‘takes a look beyond the meaning of words to explore the basic building blocks and constructs of language – those parts we never think of, but which hold it all together.’

Publishing on 13 October 2022, the book ‘poses questions such as why don’t eleven and twelve end in –teen? Why do these letters look the way they do? And what is this question mark really doing at this end of this sentence? Why Is This a Question? is a fascinating and enlightening exploration of linguistic questions you’ve likely never thought to ask.’

Jones runs the @HaggardHawks Twitter feed, blog and YouTube channel, revealing daily word facts to 92,000 engaged followers and has contributed to the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries online.  

Ella Davidson, Founder & Director of The Book Publicist, said: “We’re delighted to be working with the team at Elliott & Thompson and are thrilled to be promoting Paul’s fascinating book! Books about the origins of our language are always very popular topics for the media and the team at The Book Publicist are looking forward to working with the author on a fun, far-reaching PR campaign.”

Pippa Crane, Senior Editor at Elliott & Thompson, said: “Paul’s ability to transform complex linguistic concepts into ideas that anyone can grasp, is unrivalled; his latest collection is utterly fascinating and will be a treat for language lovers everywhere.”