No Way to Die

No Way to Die

By: Tony Kent

ISBN: 9781783965533
eBook ISBN: 9781783965540
Cover: Paperback
Published: April 14, 2022
Size: 198x129mm
Page Count: 512


‘Like sitting down in front of the best action movie you’ve seen this year. A brilliant, gripping thrill ride.’ Cass Green, author of The Killer Inside

A deadly threat. A ghost from the past. And time is running out…

When traces of a radioactive material are found alongside a body in Key West, multiple federal agencies suddenly descend on the crime scene. This is not just an isolated murder: a domestic terrorist group is ready to bring the US government to its knees.

The threat hits close to home for Agent Joe Dempsey when he discovers a personal connection to the group. With his new team member, former Secret Service agent Eden Grace, Dempsey joins the race to track down the terrorists’ bomb before it’s too late. But when their mission falls apart, he is forced to turn to the most unlikely of allies: an old enemy he thought he had buried in his past.

Now, with time running out, they must find a way to work together to stop a madman from unleashing horrifying destruction across the country.

‘A thrilling journey across America that channels Baldacci and Crais, all leading up to the classic ticking clock climax. Terrific.’ Mason Cross, author of What She Saw Last Night

‘What an absolute belter of a book. Dempsey reminds me of an amalgam of 007 and Orphan X. A blistering, two-fisted thriller you won’t want to put down until you’re done.’ Neil Lancaster, author of Dead Man’s Grave

‘A pulsating action thriller’ Sunday Times

  • Praise for Power Play

    ‘Twist after twist . . . It builds to a brilliant finale.’

    - Daily Mirror 
  • ‘A high-octane conspiracy yarn.’ 

    - The Times 
  • ‘An intricate, twisty minefield of geopolitics and absolute power gone rogue. Kent has outdone himself with this one.’

    - David Baldacci 
  • ‘A gripping conspiracy thriller.’

    - Ian Rankin 
  • ‘Reads like Baldacci at his best. Really intelligent, bang-up-to-date thriller.’

    - Steve Cavanagh, author of Thirteen 
  • ‘Scarily credible, and so pacy and well-written that I forgot where I was, who I was, and indeed that I was reading a book at all. Gripping, absorbing, a page-turner with characters you commit to 100%.’ 

    - Judith O’Reilly, author of Killing State 
  • ‘The kind of fast-paced, action thriller that keeps you hooked until the very end. I loved it.’

    - Simon Kernick, author of The Bone Field series 
  • ‘High stakes, high-octane action with twists and turns that will make you gasp.’

    - Adam Hamdy, author of Black 13 

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