How to Be Hopeful: Your Toolkit to Rediscover Hope and Help Create a Kinder World

How to Be Hopeful: Your Toolkit to Rediscover Hope and Help Create a Kinder World

By: Bernadette Russell

ISBN: 9781783965229
eBook ISBN: 9781783965236
Cover: Hardback
Published: September 10, 2020
Size: 216x138mm
Page Count: 288



‘Hope is the alchemy that turns a life around, and Bernadette’s Russell’s delightful and informative book gives us the toolkit to ignite hope in each of us.’ – Julia Samuel, author of Grief Works and This Too Shall Pass

Whether we’re grieving or afraid, worn down by everyday troubles or relentless bad news, there is always hope. As an expert on the multiple benefits of hope and kindness, Bernadette Russell reveals how hope can be nurtured by all of us, even in uncertain times.

Filled with cutting-edge research, timeless philosophy and tales of triumph over adversity, this uplifting and essential toolkit will give you all you need to cultivate hope in yourself, your community and in our future.

With plenty of ‘try this’ tips and case studies of everyday ‘hope heroes’, How to Be Hopeful will inspire you to live and to act with renewed hope for a more compassionate world.

Hope is the fuel that transforms our lives.

‘The perfect book for troubling times. The ideas and exercises in How To Be Hopeful will soothe your soul.’ – Katherine May, author of Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times

‘Everyone needs to read this book.’ – Dr Mark Williamson, director of ACTION FOR HAPPINESS

‘Bernadette reminds us of our values and ideals and that each of us has power to affect change.’ – Vera Chok, co-author of The Good Immigrant

‘Exactly what is needed right now. Hope AND action.’ – Stella Duffy O.B.E, author and co-founder of Fun Palaces campaign for cultural democracy

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