Dismissed Dead: One Man Left Behind in East Berlin

Dismissed Dead: One Man Left Behind in East Berlin

By: Rod Brammer

ISBN: 9781904027720
eBook ISBN: 9781907642074
Cover: Paperback
Published: August 14, 2009
Size: 198x129mm
Page Count: 192


Keith Finlay is back and caught up in the world of espionage in Rod Brammer’s explosive second novel.  His mission is clear: he must meet a German Professor who will help him smuggle a secret bullet prototype out of Berliin in return for his freedom.

Finlay assumes it will be a simple mission until he is captured and taken to Russia for a brutal interrogation.  At the mercy of his interrogators and presumed dead by those at home, Finlay must face his toughest challenge yet…

Fast-moving and suspenseful throughout, Dismissed Dead will appeal to lovers of the work of John Le Carre, Ken Follett and those intrigued by the mysterious world of Cold War espionage.

  • To create a narrative world as entertaining and engrossing as this one requires a very special talent. Rod Brammer has it

    - Alexander Waugh
  • Creates a convincingly claustrophobic atmosphere

    - The Deighton Dossier
  • Brammer is truly a man for all seasons

    - Country Illustrated