Bolt from the Blue: Navigating the New World of Corporate Crises

Bolt from the Blue: Navigating the New World of Corporate Crises

By: Mike Pullen, John Brodie Donald

ISBN: 9781909653306
eBook ISBN: 9781909653313
Cover: Hardback
Published: June 26, 2014
Size: 198x129mm
Page Count: 224 pages


What will you do when the crisis hits?

In a fast-changing business world, you need to expect the unexpected. But how can you plan for the unknown?

In Bolt from the Blue Mike Pullen and John Brodie Donald draw on years of advisory and management experience to show where unknown risks will come from, and what you can do when they hit.

Don’t get caught out – this is what every CEO needs to know.

In today’s corporate world, crises can hit like a bolt from the blue. The headlines are full of stories of corporate disaster and scandal; the kneejerk reaction is often one of denial when an immediate response is needed from management. Bolt from the Blue offers essential insights for every CEO, Board of Directors and Counsel navigating through today’s global business environment, with ever-increasing regulation on one side, and an ever-more vocal public on the other. Forget about the old crisis manuals, this is about the real dangers facing companies today – the ones they don’t see coming.

Discussing topics such as supply chain crises, regulation and legislation, non-governmental organisations, cyber threats, rogue employees and whistleblowers, Mike Pullen and John Brodie Donald examine the lessons to be learnt from the mistakes of others, and explain how to get through a crisis and come out on the other side with both reputation and company intact.

Dealing with such disasters is no longer just a matter for lawyers; Pullen and Donald show why you need the full spectrum of PR, shareholders, stakeholders and government on your side. This is a must-read for executives in all industries.

If you are keen to read more, John Brodie Donald’s article based on the book for Square Mile Magazine is out in the January issue (97)