Any Other Business: Life In and Out of The City – Collected Writings From The Spectator and Elsewhere

Any Other Business: Life In and Out of The City – Collected Writings From The Spectator and Elsewhere

By: Martin Vander Weyer

ISBN: 9781783960163
eBook ISBN: 9781783960170
Cover: Hardback
Published: October 2, 2014
Size: 234x156mm
Page Count: 288 pages


Since 1992, the financial and business life of the UK and many other parts of the world has changed beyond all recognition; that change has been expertly and incisively charted in the writings of Martin Vander Weyer, business columnist of The Spectator.

From ‘Big Bang’ of 1986, which irrevocably changed the culture of banking – and of the UK – through to the global crisis of 2008 and the subsequent financial scandals, the people, ideas and very existence of the City have been under scrutiny as never before. In this anthology of his very best writings from The Spectator and elsewhere, Martin Vander Weyer brings a sharp eye and a very personal style to bear on often controversial topics, alongside recollections of life in the City and dissections of the current state of play; deliciously evocative accounts of travel, culture, food and daily life; and, very occasionally, reflections on the travails of middle age. Beautifully written, this collection offers a warm, witty and insightful perspective on our changing times.

  • Just the thing for the dark days after Christmas when you may be suffering from SAD or merely excess … It should cheer you up no end

    - Allan Massie, The Spectator
  • How refreshing then to find a book that is not only a fascinating read, but also one that is written as an edifying insight into the life, experience and opinions of a thoroughly interesting individual. This book is a glorious collection of personal postcards of the financial events and histories we have lived through over the past few decades. Included are a cast of characters from the unsavoury to the deeply worrying, but ones that we either know or can certainly picture

    - Justin Urquhart Stewart, FT Adviser
  • Martin Vander Weyer, arguably the finest financial journalist of his generation, has three priceless gifts.  He has the ability to describe the most complex economic conundrums in the simplest of prose; he has an exceptionally well-developed sense of humour; and he is a Yorkshireman, by nature, if not birth.  All three gifts are amply and effortlessly displayed in this splendid collection of Martin’s most memorable columns from the Spectator magazine and elsewhere

    - Robert Beaumount, York Press

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