Knightsbridge Golf School

The renowned Knightsbridge Golf School is one of the most exclusive and successful golf academies in the world. Over the past 60 years, it has improved the swings of thousands of amateurs as well as leading golf pros and celebrities. The school teaches PGA European Tour professionals, Dunhill and Ryder Cup players and leading amateurs from both sides of the Atlantic.

Elliott & Thompson worked closely with Steve Gould and David Wilkinson, who have been teaching pupils at Knightsbridge Golf School for more than 25 years. Both taught by the legendary golf instructor Leslie King, who founded the school, many of Steve and David’s pupils have won amateur and professional titles. Their two books with Elliott & Thompson, The Golf Delusion and Golf’s Golden Rule, which crystallise their years of expertise, have become classic texts on how golfers can improve their game, and continue to sell around the world.

Knightsbridge Golf School
  • The Golf Delusion: Why 9 Out of 10 Golfers Make the Same Mistakes
  • Golf's Golden Rule: What Every Pro Does Instinctively... And You Don't
  • Finishing School: Understanding and Perfecting the Most Neglected Stage of the Golf Swing