Marked for Death selected for the prestigious Richard & Judy Book Club at WHSmith!

22 Jul 2019 - 11:25

We are thrilled to announce that Tony Kent’s acclaimed MARKED FOR DEATH has been selected for the prestigious Richard & Judy Book Club at WHSmith, who called it ‘A PULSING, FAST-MOVING AND TOTALLY ABSORBING THRILLER’.

Richard said: This twisty, tightly-plotted and fast-paced thriller is especially fascinating about the legal world. … Marked for Death is particularly satisfying because it comes straight from the horse’s mouth: Kent is himself a 41-year-old barrister. He began his legal career at 22. He’s had quite a life, has Kent, boxing from the age of 11 and ending as a heavyweight. … Marked for Death has the real ring of authenticity. Devlin is a tough but charming hero – and it makes for a terrific read.

Judy said: Marked for Death sets out its stall on the first page: an 85 year old man, widowed and alone in his beautiful but now much too big London home, is awoken in the night by the sound of an intruder. The old man, hardly able to walk unaided, staggers to confront the stranger. … So begins a chain of brutal slayings. And it’s up to Michael Devlin, a leading QC, to find out why his old colleagues’ and friends are being serially butchered. … Initially, Devlin is oblivious to the return of the murderous stranger from his own past, but when the killer strikes close to Devlin’s present life and closest friendships, the QC struggles with enormous grief and guilt. And from here on the danger to him and those he loves draws terrifyingly close.