E&T to publish Dr Brandy Schillace on death and dying

4 Apr 2014 - 10:14

Elliott & Thompson is delighted to announce its forthcoming publication of Death’s Summer Coat: What the history of death and dying can tell us about life and living, by academic, editor and blogger Dr Brandy Schillace. Director Olivia Bays bought UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Peter Tallack at The Science Factory. 

Drawing on science, history, anthropology and literature, and including previously unpublished Victorian photographs of the recently dead, Death’s Summer Coat examines how our attitudes to death have changed over the years and calls for the breaking of taboos around this most difficult of subjects.

Olivia Bays said: ‘We are so pleased to be working with Brandy and Peter on this wonderful book. Death is a fact of life and yet so often we struggle even to acknowledge it. Brandy’s work is fascinating for what it teaches us about how people approach death throughout history and across cultures, but it is much more than that; it shows us why our own mortality is not something to fear and helps us to talk about death and grief in the face of bereavement.’

Peter Tallack said: ‘Brandy is a unique talent: a versatile scholar, an engaging writer, and a gifted populariser. In a warm and witty way, her book opens up an aspect of people’s lives usually exiled to the darker recesses of their mind.’

Death’s Summer Coat will be published as a hardback in early 2015. Translation: Louisa Pritchard Associates; English Agency for Japan; Duran Kim for Korea.

Dr Brandy Schillace writes about culture, history of science, and the intersections of medicine and literature. She is the managing editor of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry and research associate, guest curator, and blogger for the Dittrick Museum of Medical History. Dr Schillace is the editor of the Fiction Reboot and Daily Dose blogs, and guest-blogger for the Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham, UK. She teaches at Case Western Reserve University and helps to develop medical humanities curriculum for the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College. She writes reviews for publications including the Huffington Post, as well as an advice column for InsideHigherEd.