Discover forgotten words in The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities – out today!

19 Oct 2017 - 12:11

Congratulations to the brilliant Paul Anthony Jones on the publication of his latest book The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities: A Yearbook of Forgotten Words.

In this beautiful tome, Paul Anthony Jones unearths a surprising or obscure word for every day of the year. Illuminating some aspect of that day, or simply informing and entertaining, each word reveals a story:

1 January: quaaltagh (n.) the first person you meet on New Year’s Day

2 January: fedifragous (adj.) promise-breaking, oath-violating

In The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities you might leap back in time, learn about linguistic trivia, follow a curious thread or wonder at the web of connections in the English language. Written with humour and a light touch that belies the depth of research it contains, this is both a fascinating compendium of etymology and a delightfully entertaining miscellany.

For wordsmiths and lovers of language alike, The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities is a must-read this winter. Available from all good bookshops – get your copy now!