The Dumbing Down of Britain

The Dumbing Down of Britain
Hardcover, 112 pages
Size: 178x111mm
Publication date: 12 Feb 2015
List price: £8.99
ISBN: 9781783960941
eBook ISBN: 9781783960958
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If they could see us today, our forefathers would be spluttering into their pint glasses, wondering where it all went wrong. Happy to be spoon-fed on a diet of blandness, buzzwords and uniformity, in the last 20 years our society has become more insular, selfish and ignorant than ever before. Welcome to the new super-sized, dumbed-down Britain.


Covering topics that will resonate across the UK, including: voter apathy; the growth of social media; the smoking ban; ignorance of the food we eat; the rise of the NIMBY; the inability to debate; the demise of the real man; obsession with celebrity; identikit high streets; the rise of management-speak and neglect of the elderly, in this enjoyable diatribe Barkes pulls no punches in putting modern Britain to rights. As you’ve probably worked out for yourself, it is a pretty grumpy book.


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