Creativity: Why It Matters

Creativity: Why It Matters
eBook ISBN: 9781783963874

Creativity is a powerful force in shaping and defining all of our futures.

Creativity enables us to fulfil our human potential and to make positive changes to the world around us.

Creativity drives innovation across the arts, technology, science and engineering.

Creativity boosts our economy, empowers our communities, enhances our education system and enriches our everyday lives.

Creativity is the catalyst that will enable the next generation to invent tomorrow.

Enriching lives and places, creativity builds a stronger society filled with happier, healthier people. For children born into a world of unprecedented technological, political and environmental change, those whose creativity has been nurtured will be best equipped to flourish.

This book argues the importance of creativity for everyone. It is not the sole preserve of arts-based subjects, but at the heart of medical, scientific, engineering and entrepreneurial progress too. Identifying the education system as the best route to ensure cultural benefits are open to all, Darren Henley argues that creativity should be at its heart. It is only by equipping children with the creativity to make the best use of their talents, and providing them with expert teachers who can nurture those abilities, that the next generation will have the skills necessary to invent tomorrow.


“The curriculum has no space for creativity, and Henley is right to bang on about it at every opportunity, cogently as he does here.” Simon Tait, ArtsIndustry

“What I find really interesting is the way the book captures what has been going on for a while now: creativity and its impact on communities … Creativity is quietly and resolutely bringing a range of diverse communities with seemingly unconnected disciplines together with collaboration underpinning it. That no-one is trumpeting that in mainstream writing is because there’s no quickly digestible story. But it’s been happening in my networks for at least two years now, and its good to see this vision articulated in Henley’s book.  Perhaps what this book offers is a foundation for thinkers, influencers, and campaigners – a solid manifesto or framework from which strategies and vision can spring from. It’s a quick read and a useful starting point.” Jon Jacob, Thoroughly Good blog 

@MattHancock (Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. MP for West Suffolk) A cracking little monologue by the brilliant ⁦@HENLEYDARREN⁩ - a must read for everyone interested in how we shape the future

@DMUVC (Dominic Shellard, Vice Chancellor of De Montfort University) This book is like a fine wine, designed to be savored slowly

@jrobinsontrg On plane home today finished @HENLEYDARREN’s new book. It’s a quick and upbeat read, one I’d recommend to anyone who advocates for arts and culture in any country

@NickyFooter Everyone who works or educates in a creative environment, & that includes science, technology, medicine, engineering as well as the creative industries should read this inspired gem of a book - I loved every word!