Alumni Montium

Alumni Montium
Publication date: 4 Dec 2008
Hardcover, 256 pages

In this magnificent update to the previous history of Glenalmond which detailed the school’s first 100 years, David Willington writes: "During the past 60 years there have been many profound changes, both within the College and in society in general. How Glenalmond has responded to the changes and yet has preserved its individual character, is the theme of Alumni Montium.

The first history of Glenalmond was written by Guy St Quintin, and describes the foundation of the College by WE Gladstone, the Victorian statesman, and its subsequent fortunes up to the Centenary in 1947. Since that time, the College has introduced co-education and almost doubled the number of pupils, a large number of new buildings have arisen and it has seen academic requirements and expectations change dramatically."

The history of a school is not just that of bricks and mortar but also of the many individuals, whether Wardens, staff or pupils, who have contributed in so many diverse ways to its development. Alumni Montium provides a vivid account of their activities and their challenges, set in the context of the changing decades since 1948.