The Centre Must Hold: Why Centrism is the Answer to Extremism and Polarisation

The Centre Must Hold: Why Centrism is the Answer to Extremism and Polarisation

By: Yair Zivan

ISBN: 9781783967933
eBook ISBN: 9781783967940
Cover: Hardback
Published: June 27, 2024
Size: 235x156mm
Page Count: 288


In an age of complex global challenges, extremism and populism offer a simple but fatally flawed narrative to a public craving a sense of normalcy. There is another way. Centrism has proven itself not only the most effective antidote to their dangerous brand of politics but also as a successful way to lead countries. 

Far from being an arbitrary middle point between left and right, centrism offers a coherent set of political ideas, principles and approaches – the importance of moderation and pragmatism; the embrace of complexity; the deep commitment to liberal democracy; the belief in equality of opportunity; and the belief that through balancing the tensions that exist in every nation we can make people’s lives better. It is about finding the most productive and effective balance between globalisation and local communities, civil rights and security, religion and democracy, free markets and protecting the weakest in society.

Drawing together politicians, thought leaders and social commentators – from Tony Blair to Michael Bloomberg, from Malcolm Turnbull to Kathryn Murdoch – The Centre Must Hold contains a series of essays from those who have led from the centre or made significant contributions to centrist thought and policy-making, including former prime ministers, policy makers, ministers and leading journalists from across the world.