The Breakdown: Making sense of politics in a messed up world

The Breakdown: Making sense of politics in a messed up world

By: Tatton Spiller

ISBN: 978-1-78396-423-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-78396-424-6
Cover: Hardback
Published: May 30, 2019
Size: 198x129mm
Page Count: 240 pages


We’re in a time of enormous political engagement, but most of us are ill equipped to truly understand and debate the issues currently rocking our world.

Instead, we become entrenched in our echo chambers, convinced that those with a different viewpoint are stupid, awful human beings whose actions must be stopped. This lack of political knowledge and wider understanding is unsurprising – after all, few of us are taught about our political system or about different ideologies – but it leaves us unable to engage in the conversation, to influence others’ opinions, or to effect change. It leaves us with no control.

With sections including How it All Works; How Different People Think; and Making Change Happen, this superbly clear-sighted, light-hearted and judgement-free book will equip readers with the tools they need to understand the different arguments, to work out what is happening and why – and then to do something about it.

In a shifting political landscape that can at times be frustrating, emotional or confusing, The Breakdown is an oasis of calm in a turbulent world.

  • ‘A new approach to politics . . . informative yet interesting’

    - Huffington Post UK on Simple Politics

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