Golf’s Golden Rule: What Every Pro Does Instinctively - And You Don't

Golf’s Golden Rule: What Every Pro Does Instinctively - And You Don't

By: Steve Gould, Dave Wilkinson

ISBN: 9781907642548
eBook ISBN: 9781783960712
Cover: Hardback
Published: May 17, 2012
Size: 245x190mm
Page Count: 224 pages


The impact zone – an area measuring a couple of feet before the ball and a couple after it – is what good golf is all about. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘moment of truth’, or the ‘business end’ of the golf swing. As such, it should be analysed, practised and trained more than anything else.

It isn’t, though. Work your way through most golf instruction books, magazines, DVDs or internet tips and you’ll find that impact barely gets a mention, not in any detailed sense.

It’s understandable. Impact is a mystery to the majority of golfers, even very good players. Good players rely on instinct at impact. But impact should not be left as a blur. Impact is not a moment. It is The Moment. It is the precise moment that decides where you ball will go, at what trajectory and at what speed. Now experienced coaches Steve Gould and D.J. Wilkinson reveal the secrets that every golf pro knows instinctively, but that modern teaching has almost forgotten about.

Golf’s Golden Rule is the first golf manual to focus on impact in detail as the key part to perfecting a good swing. Packed with detailed step-by-step illustrations, it will revolutionise your game.

  • 5* review

    I’ve bought dozens of books and videos to improve my game but after reading Steve Gould and DJ Wilkinson’s Golf’s Golden Rule I now know where I have been going wrong … Gould and Wilkinson know what they are talking about and their book is packed with drills.

    - Brian Hitchen, Daily Express
  • a book that gets to the nitty-gritty of the golf swing – impact

    - Alistair Tait, Golf Week

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