Faldo/Norman: The 1996 Masters: A Duel That Defined an Era

Faldo/Norman: The 1996 Masters: A Duel That Defined an Era

By: Andy Farrell

ISBN: 9781909653702
eBook ISBN: 9781909653719
Cover: Hardback
Published: March 27, 2014
Size: 216x135mm
Page Count: 272 pages


Book of the Week–Independent on Sunday

Going into the final round of the 1996 Masters, Greg Norman led by six strokes. Having missed chance after chance throughout his career, this finally seemed to be year that the ‘Great White Shark’ would win the green jacket. But playing alongside him in the final pairing of the final day was the one man who always seemed to get the better of the Australian when it really mattered. What followed was one of the most excruciating collapses in sporting history.

Faldo/Norman provides a blow-by-blow account of the riveting final round of the 1996 Masters over 18 chapters, weaving in the story of the entire tournament, the state of golf at the time, and the history of both players’ careers and rivalry. For a decade Norman and Faldo, in their different ways, dominated the game, and their epic meeting at Augusta would prove to be the end of a golfing era.

  • Book of the Week

    - Independent on Sunday
  • Andy Farrell has brought the memories back to life in a wonderful and detailed hole by hole account of one of the most famous duels in golfing history

    - Irish Examiner
  • Farrell tells a story whose conclusion everyone already knows, but he does so with such bracing detail and accomplished scene-setting that the narrative moves vividly forward … Perhaps the 2014 Masters will also produce a legendary finish, but it will be hard to match the agony and elation of 1996, which Andy Farrell has captured so well in Faldo/Norman.

    - The A Position
  • an impressive and fascinating effort.

    - Golf Oklahoma
  • Farrell’s solid entry about one of the Masters’ most dramatic moments is one for the ages.

    - Augusta Chronicle

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