Elite!: The Secret to Exceptional Leadership and Performance

Elite!: The Secret to Exceptional Leadership and Performance

By: Floyd Woodrow, Simon Acland

ISBN: 9781908739452
eBook ISBN: 9781908739469
Cover: Paperback
Published: October 15, 2012
Size: 234x156mm
Page Count: 224 pages


For more than 20 years, Floyd Woodrow MBE served in the SAS. Inspiring his men in the most demanding of situations, Floyd drove his team to the highest levels of success. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for bravery, Floyd operated at the level of the elite.

Since leaving the SAS in 2008, Floyd has brought the motivational lessons and techniques learnt in the world’s toughest environments to businesses, governments, sports teams and police forces around the world. Guaranteed to boost productivity, team cohesion, individual motivation and overall leadership, Elite! contains Floyd’s deeply practical, innovative and highly sought-after teachings.

His inspiring approach is united with a detailed understanding of the theories and psychology that underpin cutting-edge motivational training. By harnessing this potent combination, whether you are seeking self-improvement or looking to get the best out of a team of hundreds, Floyd Woodrow’s inspirational new book contains the only approach that will place you amongst the Elite!.

  • For anyone fascinated by how leadership works and what places the mind can travel to when dealing with pressure, this book answers all of your questions … A brilliant read

    - Michael Vaughan, former England cricket captain
  • I recommend the book highly and would encourage both senior and middle managers to learn the lessons it offers in how to lead and contribute to high-performing leadership teams

    - Emer Timmons, President, BT Global Services UK
  • Floyd offers an insightful and inspirational guide to leadership and team building at the highest levels

    - Sean Fitzpatrick, former New Zealand All Blacks captain
  • There have been many books attempting to draw parallels between military operations, sports coaching, and business performance. Few manage to draw the parallels and point out the fundamental similarities as well as this

    - Young Company Finance Scotland

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